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Public Safety Committee

Town of Woodside California Official Website

The Public Safety Committee advises the Town Council and staff on issues of community public safety, including police and fire services provided within the Town.

The Committee reviews monthly service reports from the Sheriff and advises as to the desirability for modifications to the deployment of Sheriff Office resources or for special response programs. The Committee solicits input from the community on public safety issues and concerns and provides a report of its findings to the Town Manager for purposes of managing the contract for police services with the San Mateo County Sheriff. The Committee also serves as a liaison to the Woodside Fire Protection District and provides input to the Town on areas of shared concern for the Town and the District. 

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The Public Safety Committee meets on a quarterly or "as needed" basis at the call of the Chair.

Appointed by the Town Council for staggered two-year terms.

Council Liaison: 
Mayor Livermore