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Open Space Committee

Town of Woodside California Official Website

The Open Space Committee advises and assists the Town Council, Planning Commission, and staff on implementing the goals and policies of the Open Space and Conservation Elements of the General Plan, with an emphasis on enhancing the open space system and the preservation and restoration of wildlife habitat. The Committee develops and recommends educational programs and materials which foster public awareness of the benefits of open space conservation and wildlife habitat. The Committee also makes recommendations to the Town Council, Planning Commission and staff on the acquisition and maintenance of open space and conservation easements. The Committee collaborates with Town governing bodies and other advisory committees on goals and projects of mutual interest, and with neighboring towns and regional entities in efforts to preserve scenic vistas, tracts of open space and wildlife habitat.

The Committee is currently sponsoring the Backyard Habitat Program to promote natural spaces that allow our native flora and fauna to thrive.

Sue Sweeney Burow 02/18
VACANT 02/17
Roy Crawford 02/17
Ned Fluet, Vice Chair 02/18
Bengt I. Henriksen 02/18
Carroll Ann Hodges 02/18
Thomas Johnson, Chair 02/17
Nancy Reyering 02/17
Vacant 02/18
Vacant 02/17


The Open Space Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in Independence Hall, 2955 Woodside Road.

Ten (10) members appointed by the Town Council for staggered two-year terms. A quorum is five members.

Council Liaison:
Councilmember Peter Mason

Town Staff Liaison:
Kevin Bryant, Town Manager