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Livestock and Equestrian Heritage Committee

Name Term Expires
Nancy Atkinson 02/17   
Susan Foley, Vice Chair 02/17
Vacant 02/17    
Alexis Bartlo 02/16
Mary Fentress Hall 02/16
Vicki Juelsgaard 02/17
Carrie Kehring 02/17
Diane Garcia, Chair 02/16
Kelly Zeytoonian 02/16

Fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. 

Nine members appointed by the Town Council, for staggered 2-year terms. A quorum is five members.

The Livestock and Equestrian Heritage Committee reviews applications for professional stable permits and forwards recommendations to the Planning  Commission. It also reviews applications for exceptions to the private stable regulations and forwards recommendations for approval or disapproval to the Planning Director. The Livestock and Equestrian Heritage Committee conducts inspections of stables in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Code.

The Livestock and Equestrian Heritage Committee develops and supports education and information programs which aid the community in sustaining, protecting, enhancing, and enjoying equestrian activities and facilities.  The Committee is also a resource for Town Council, Staff and Residents on equestrian matters.

Council Liaison:  Dave Tanner

Trails Representative :
Rick DeBenedetti