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Woodside History Committee

Town of Woodside California Official Website

The Woodside History Committee advises the Town Council and staff regarding actions, policies, and plans relating to historic preservation; and plans and recommends means for ensuring the security and public accessibility of the Town's historic archives. The Committee also gathers and catalogues historic material.

The Committee runs the Woodside Community Museum, located at 2961 Woodside Road. The History Committee Office can be reached at (650) 851-1294 or by email at woodsidehistory [at] woodsidetown [dot] org.

Dolores Degnan 02/18
Nino Lazaro, Vice Chair 02/17
Thalia Lubin 02/18
Lisha Mainz, Chair 02/17
Bob Mullen 02/18
Steve Peterson 02/17
Cutty Smith, Secretary 02/18
Gretchen Tenenbaum 02/18
Irenne Zwierlein 02/17
David Noe 02/18


The Woodside History Committee meets the second Thursday of the month, at 10:30 a.m., in Independence Hall, 2955 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA 

The eleven (11) members of the Woodside History Committee are appointed by Town Council for staggered two-year terms:

Council Liaison:
Councilmember Anne Kasten

Staff Liaison:
Jackie C. Young, Planning Director